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Production of the game show “Jeopardy!” will resume on November 30, following the death of longtime host Alex Trebek. The show announced that while a long-term replacement host has not been named at this time, “Jeopardy!” will “return to the studio with a series of interim guest hosts from within the Jeopardy! Family.” The first […]

Sometimes the thing that brings us all together is song. You get to see some American Idol veterans return to join in. Nothing beats the original, but this is nicely done!

I could not be more happy to hear this! Nic Cage is a great actor, but his choices over the years have made him a bit of a target for criticism. After winning an Oscar for his role in “Leaving Las Vegas” and being the lead in “National Treasure” and it’s sequel he was showing […]

David brought in his Rolex watch that he bought in the 70’s when he was in the Air Force. He paid over $300 for it then. What’s it’s worth now will blow your mind! Time heals all wounds and maybe holes in your wallet.

For myself and most of my generation this was the biggest national tragedy we had witnessed. I was in 6th grade and the other 6th grade teacher stuck his head into our classroom and said, “The Challenger just exploded.” Our teacher herded us to his room to watch the replays of the video as the […]

Not everyone is a great chef. Some people have trouble boiling water. This local TV anchor was goaded by her family to make artichoke dip and the results are hilarious!

Child me is smiling. Adult me is also smiling, but someone is cutting onions.

The commercials started off cute and made you smile! Kids doing fun things with others or with their imaginations! Then we got this gem from Microsoft. After that they went straight for your heart! Taking childhood memories and sad moments that made my wife hate me for showing them to her when they popped on […]

Dolly Parton is an American treasure and a country staple! I never knew this about Dolly as she reveals a truly personal story about her life and how it changed her forever.

I knew this would be a huge moment in streaming services, but … WOW! Disney had some service issues early on Monday morning, but as the day wore on things settled down for them. They figured they would have 8 million subscribers by the end of the year not within the first week. With every […]

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