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In America you have the right to peacefully protest to bring attention to any cause you see fit. We’ve seen times when people feel the need to protest at sporting events because they have not only a live audience, but hopefully a number of cameras and home viewers that see them. Whether they simply streak […]

Some hair styles never go out of style and some are doomed to never return. While the bowl cut made a brief reappearance in the 90’s it luckily died off quickly. The mullet has a current resurgence due to singers like Morgan Wallen and Hardy making it a fun hairdo to flaunt. Add in the […]

I don’t think I’m smarter than everyone and I certainly don’t think I would breeze through most game shows. Some are just based on luck and some are based on skill while others are just straight up smarts. There have been rare moments in my life that I got the question correct on Jeopardy that […]

I’m taking a slight deviation from talking about a specific movie or show this week. Mostly it’s because they don’t have much programming that is catching buzz right now. Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Paramount, HBO Max ….. you’ve heard of them all. The big names in movie and TV streaming services that dominate […]

For generations we have been blessed with the comedy of Lucille Ball. I say it that way because whether you watched it when it first graced prime time television or grew up watching it in syndication on an afternoon after school you know who she is. There are families that still share the show “I […]

There is something satisfying when there is a cameo in a show or a movie. Sometimes it is done to connect us to older versions of the show/movie like having Charlton Heston playing an ape in the remake of Planet Of The Apes in the early 2000s. There are times it is done for comedic […]

Not all sitcoms are created equal. Some have massive staying power that people watch and share for decades while some whither and disappear even though they were popular for a time. For every Growing Pains or Andy Griffith Show there is a Step By Step and Dobie Gillis. Some that shone brightly for a time, […]

Avengers franchise and Black Monday actor Don Cheadle will play the narrator on ABC’s upcoming Wonder Years reboot. Cheadle will lend his voice to the grownup version of Dean, played by Elisha Williams in the dramedy. Co-starring Dule´ Hill, Laura Kariuki, and Saycon Sengbloh, the reboot will follow a middle-class Black family in 1960s Alabama. […]

Unfortunately there might not be a lot of snow to send the kids out to play on. No snowmen. No sledding. No snowball fights. That sounds terribly boring. Your whole family might be inside for a bit this holiday season with no school work to do or maybe you’re finally using that vacation time before […]

There can never be another Chuck Norris simply because Chuck Norris will live forever and the world can’t handle that much Chuck Norris. However, his movies and shows can be rebooted because they are characters and Chuck, being the nice guy he is will allow it. So if you didn’t grow up on the original […]

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