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The kids are currently use the slang term “that slaps” when something is above reproach in it’s sound or visual excellence. For those of an older generation that means it’s cool/ awesome/ the bomb/ crunk/ lit. It is mostly used for music due to how it makes you dance, but I’ve seen it grow beyond […]

A few months back we shared a video of a grandson giving his grandpa his grand slam ball he hit that day. Needless to say you would have to have a heart as black as coal to not tear up a bit when you saw it. Recently Bruce Carrier, a native of Houston, MN and […]

There are certain traditions that should live forever: trick-or-treating, turkey at Thanksgiving, leaving cookies out for Santa, looking for your hidden Easter basket, and adult beverages at St. Patrick’s Day. Growing up we all have traditions that have changed or been altered slightly to accommodate a myriad of reasons. Growing up this was the time […]

As a kid we all were waiting for a future where we could watch any show we wanted whenever we wanted to. I had a math teacher that used to say that in the future we would be able to do that as well with music and that actors that were dead could be digitally […]

While I’m not the biggest baseball fan in the world I would still be excited if a home run ball was headed towards me. I do hope I would never get so excited that I would steal the ball out of another person’s glove. It would be worse if it was a kid. At a […]

Whether you’re a fan of superhero movies or not you cannot argue that they extremely popular. While this may wain eventually they currently rule the theaters and streaming services. Disney and their affiliate Marvel are the kings of the superhero movie genre. For the most part, there isn’t any movie they release that doesn’t rule […]

We all have those characters and stars we loved as a kid. For me and my friends there was one show we could not miss every Friday night, and that was “The Dukes Of Hazzard”. The exploits of good ol’ boys Bo and Luke Duke running around the country dirt roads in their orange Dodge […]

When does a superhero show not feel like a superhero show? When you barely see the superhero is the current answer. Marvel and Disney have been masterful in making their movies with a theme involved instead of just heroic antics played out on screen. I mean, they do happen eventually, but the movies are successful […]

Hollywood has it’s many characters and stars from all walks of life and genres. We know the stars by an easy glimpse whether it’s Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, or Meryl Streep that are on the screen. The stars are easy to remember and there have been a million more actors and actresses that […]

Late night talk shows have been an American staple for decades on television. Legends have graced the screen with Johnny Carson being the biggest to ever do it and Steve Allen, David Letterman being included on the Mount Rushmore of Late Night Hosts. The 4th is debatable. Some might say it’s this guy, James Corden. […]

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