It’s always cool when someone gets to live out their dreams. We cheer them on and hope that whatever schooling or training they need goes well. Usually, the dream being lived out is getting that job or career they’ve always wanted that is a part of everyday life. What if that dream is a bit […]

It was suggested that I take a look at the newest reality based show on FOX called Farmer Wants A Wife hosted by Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland fame. Needless to say I balked at the idea. Why? I’m not big a reality based TV these days. Back when The Real World hit MTV in 1992 […]

If you’ve never seen “Ted” or its sequel let me sum it up for you: a boy wishes his teddy bear will come to life and it does. The two become inseparable lazy pot heads with John not being able to grow up. Apparently, someone thought we needed to know how they got to this […]

“This is a test. This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test.” Remember hearing those words come across your TV or radio here and there? We still get a local monthly test, but this was a test on the national level. This was the way to test the Emergency […]

It’s probably safe to assume that Bob Barker had a lot of money.  And according to TMZ, most of it, estimated around $70 million is being left to charity.  Not surprisingly, that includes a lot of animal welfare organizations. Bob’s rep also says he spent a lot of time in his last days watching TV.  Reruns […]

In the 1990’s the TV viewing audience was craving something new. The interest in sports was waning a bit as Monday Night Football wasn’t ruling the airwaves as it had in the past. Game shows were still something you only watched if you were a stay at home parent or were sick and recovering on […]

There’s nothing that makes dads happier than taking their kids to an experience. Their first bike ride on a trail, camping, concerts, and that first ball game at their favorite team’s home field. I know how cool it felt when I got to take my kids to their first Vikings football game. We had a […]

When it comes to episodic shows being on streaming services they are typically well received. Writers, directors, and the service has carte blanche to do what they want because it’s a paid service. It’s not surprising to see big name actors and directors involved with a strong fan base online and at the office break […]

No one wants to be “average” in most cases. They want to be “exceptional” or “great” or at the very least “above average” in their goals. Somewhere out there are just normal people that aren’t better than the norm, but are not below average for how they live their lives. A poll was taken and […]

Star Wars stirs up instant memories and images of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker batting in spaceships or with lightsabers. Maybe you see strange aliens in your mind or strange people in real life dressing up like the movie characters. That’s all OK because it just shows how powerful it is not just as a […]

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