US Bank Stadium

The NFL has the formula for making it the biggest spectacle in sports. No matter if it’s the off season or middle of the regular season the NFL rules the airwaves. The draft has become a three day event, some people want the day after the Super Bowl made into a national holiday or moved […]

A win is a win, is a win, is a win. That’s all that matters in the end. Usually at the end of a Packers game if you leave any time on the clock Aaron Rodgers will drive down the field and win the game. It’s like death and taxes. Today the Vikings got an […]

There really isn’t anything like going to a NFL game. So many epopel gathering to cheer on their favorite team and just have a good time. You’ve got tailgating before the game, beers during the game, and hitting the bars after the game whether they win or lose. Being in the stands can fill you […]

The collective sigh of relief you hear is Vikings fans for two reasons. Number one: they were back in US Bank Stadium making it the raucous, ear shattering venue that opposing teams hate to come into. The Skol Chant was in full throat and you could tell the announcers had to raise their voice to […]

In a game it seemed like the Panthers were trying to lose the Vikings, in the final quarter were able to capitalize on Carolina’s poor coaching and time management. The Vikings and head coach Mike Zimmer took the field without All-Pro wide receiver Adam Thielen due to Covid protocols putting all the pressure on Kirk […]

We saw it flash in the first game against the Packer: the Vikings can make deadly strikes and score quickly when they are in sync. Today the Vikings came out and did what they have struggled to do in the first 2 games which is keep drives alive and score touchdowns. Justin Jefferson, the rookie […]

Well, …… more in spirit than in person. The Vikings are allowing you to send them a picture and for $150 you could be in the stands and maybe show up on TV. If you want to get one for you, or a fan you know click Tony’s fan picture below to order today! SKOL! […]

Let me begin by saying that I’ve never been a fan of the Thursday night NFL games. There are college games and high school sports going on. The short week for both teams usually leads to sloppy play and strange outcomes for the best of teams. The Vikings handled their short week well enough. There […]

MEA week means that the regular season is over and the playoffs begin! You can start to catch MN High School Football Playoffs starting this Tuesday night! Click the link for the brackets and where you can catch your favorite teams! CLICK HERE FOR MSHSL HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL BRACKETS

The Vikings went on the road last week and came away with a win. A win they should have come home with considering the shape the New York Giants are in. They seemed to control the entire game and embattled quarterback, Kirk Cousins had a spectacular game while Dan Bailey earned NFC Special Teams Player […]

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