Written by on September 30, 2021

Every year the great debate comes up around this time of year. Some will die on the hill that what one thinks is the worst they think is the best. This type of argument can only mean one thing: which Halloween candy is the worst. Now I know which is the worst while my sister says it’s the best and that is Candy Corn. It’s not good mixed with nuts. It’s not good on a cookie. It’s just not good. They even made them worse last year with holiday themed flavors that I chocked down and almost threw up. GAH! I was always a fan of those candy pumpkins and would pluck one or two from the candy dish a day so they lasted up to Halloween. And fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls were my “dad tax” on my children’s Halloween buckets. My wife is a fan of Circus Peanuts and these also fall in the category of hot garbage. They are not useful for anything other then when they harden and make good slingshot ammo. We could go throw an entire list and everyone would rank them differently so thankfully candystore.com helped us all out with the definitive list of worst Halloween candies there are. Now, it’s not just because their terrible, but that they’re just distributed out of season so to speak. So check out their list and please start a debate with the person closest to you right now. Click on our candy filled skeleton below to see the ranking of the worst of the worst.

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