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Over the years we have been given the grandeur of professional sports with baseball, basketball, hockey, and football listed as the big 4 in America with soccer also in the mix as the largest world wide sport. These are the sports that we are aware of from high school on up to college and beyond. There are several other sports that are mainstream and we see a bunch of them at the Olympics or featured on ESPN or FOX Sports and the like. Swimming, track and field, skiing they are all known sports, but just not as popular. Then an interesting thing happened around 2004 when a little movie called “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” came out and let us know that there was a side of sports we didn’t even know existed. You could catch most of them on the fictional ESPN station “ESPN 8” also known as “The Ocho”. With truth being stranger than fiction it was discovered that some of these sports, including dodgeball actually existed at a pro level. Last year when the pandemic forced us all inside and shut down everything including sports I decided to turn on ESPN to what they were actually playing without anything dealing with sports was happening anywhere in the world. I expected to find an old college football game from the 80s or 90s with a World Series or Super Bowl as bookends to it, but that wasn’t the case. What I did find was a replay of the “World Stone Skipping Championships” from 2017 being held on the shore of Makinaw Island. It was ridiculous …. and I watched it for an hour or so. Today I came across the story that there will now be a professional pillow fighting league and due to seeing that stone skipping competition it in no way surprised me. What is surprising is that this is not some conglomeration of nerdy weaklings too scared to get into The Octagon, but in fact are MMA trained fighters that have chosen this alternative sport. As one video’s participant mentioned that these pillows have enough weight that if someone had enough power and the proper technique that you could be knocked out by a well placed hit. As I have read, this is for those that like a relatable fighting experience without the blood and injury that normally follows. Also, parents and kids can watch it together because they can all relate to the activity and not having all of the injuries. If you try it at home though you way still break your mom’s favorite lamp or dad’s bowling trophy.

Story On Professional Pillow Fighting on CNN

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