Written by on December 15, 2021

We all know Santa sees you whether you are sleeping or are awake, and that he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice and places you on the proper list. He’s pretty busy this time of year. He has to make sure that all the gifts are properly wrapped and ready for transport for his one night ride. I’m sure that the elves make sure that his sleigh is waxed to a high sheen for optimum brightness. Santa’s sleigh is of course not the whole package as he needs his reindeer fully fueled and in their best shape to get through the entire night. How does Santa and his crew keep the reindeer fed and give them some room to run, but how does that happen? Luckily I got a tip from one of Santa’s favorite “elves” that gave me access to a special live stream camera of Dasher, Dancer, Rudolph and the entire team with their feeding trough. You can watch some other videos at the site, but the best thing is you can see the reindeer team getting a bite to eat of magic feed and some hay. If you want you can make sure that people you know get put on the Nice List and see their names scroll by on the video. What a great way to see these wonderful animals! Make sure you share this with parents and classrooms so everyone can learn about the magical reindeer you all know!

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