Written by on November 22, 2022

A few days ago I saw a post go out about a young man in Wisconsin who had scored his first buck. The problem was that someone stole it from his family’s residence right out of their driveway! Not cool. His dad put up a post on Facebook begging for help finding the stolen deer and it got shared far and wide across social media with the help of hunting groups and anyone else that was mad about what happened. I thought that they would not be able to catch the thieves because you would figure that they would be very quiet about the buck and cut it up as quick as possible to hide the evidence. Thankfully, they were most likely as stupid with hiding it as they were with stealing it initially. The local police department posted a few days later that they had returned the deer to it’s rightful owner and that the suspects had been identified. It is so disheartening when someone does this just so they can have some antlers to brag about. How small does your life have to be to steal something that doesn’t get you much except a a few “Nice job!” and a pat on the back? No one should put that much stock in a few horns/antlers/fish on the wall. No one. I’m just glad they got it back to him and the perpetrators were caught.

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