Written by on January 11, 2023

Every time you see a show with a ship in it the seas are usually calm and the passengers are having a lovely time drifting along. When you see a show with rough seas they usually have a shot of the bow breaking under and over the waves with the crew seeming to move with the flow effortlessly. Even when you watch a reality fishing show with the crew working in rough seas, and the waves are splashing over them they seem to be able to get sure footing and get the job done. We never really see what goes on below deck when people are just trying to do everyday things such as walking across the room or brushing their teeth. Most would probably think that since they are inside out of the elements that everything is fine. Not so. These video from a Norwegian fisherman shows what it’s really like traveling in rough seas. Benjamin Bakke puts up Tik Tok videos of his life at see and the ones where they are traveling in rough seas seem to be the most watched. I linked a few or you can click here to see a video compilation. It’s quite amazing and the end has some cool visuals of how to have some fun with it.


You need a little fun at work??

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