Written by on February 26, 2024

It’s always cool when someone gets to live out their dreams. We cheer them on and hope that whatever schooling or training they need goes well. Usually, the dream being lived out is getting that job or career they’ve always wanted that is a part of everyday life. What if that dream is a bit bigger than the everyday ordinary? It seems there is no shortage of reality shows with people displaying their talents for the world to see. American Idol has been doing it the longest and everyone has a story about an episode or a season or even a person they’ve seen on the show. It’s not often that a small town in Minnesota has their eyes glued to the show. Caledonia, and let’s face it all of Houston County will be following every episode of American Idol this year. Abby Blake, who graduated from Caledonia and has been an aspiring singer and songwriter went on the show and her episode premiered last night. She and her accompanist, Sam were one of the final auditions on the 2nd episode of the season. There was a little twist in the audition as well when Sam also got the nod to go! Abby could be your next American Idol and join the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and a list of others over the years. Fingers are crossed in all of southeast Minnesota to see if someday we’ll be playing Abby’s songs on KQ98 or others!

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