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If you’ve never seen this on Instagram; Ethan and Elizabeth Finkelstein share incredible, historic fixer-uppers that are available for under $150,000 on their popular Instagram account @cheapoldhouses. But now they’re getting a show on HGTV! We have to wait until Summer of 2021, but at least we know it’s coming! View this post on Instagram E8177 […]

It is Veteran’s Day, a time to pay homage to all Veterans, Thank You does not seem like enough. Today We picked PVT. Henry M. Guttormson of Lanesboro, Mn. Bauer’s Market and Garden Center of Lacresent salutes PVT. Guttormson who joined the Army in 1917. He was assigned to the 1st infantry in WWI. In […]

7AM Pledge of Allegiance shout out to Sher Vang of LaCrosse, a recent Central High School graduate. Vang is a Sailor in the US Navy aboard the USS Ronald Reagan. The USS Reagan is the Navy’s only forward deployed aircraft carrier. The Reagan recently completed Naval Exercise Keen Sword, (KS21). The exercise is designed to […]

We’re gearing up for the CMA Awards this Wednesday and we’ve got some bad news. A representative for Lee Brice confirmed with the Associated Press that Lee has tested positive for COVID-19, and will not perform as scheduled at the CMA Awards on Wednesday. A representative for Brice told The Associated Press on Sunday that […]

Bauer’s Market and Garden Center in Lacrescent brings Us today’s pledge of Allegiance shout-out with DUKE. We salute the late actor Art Carney. Art was the Youngest of six brothers from New York City. His career began on early radio and stage acting. He went on to an Iconic Role in TV’s Honeymooners as Ed […]

Bauer’s Market and Garden Center Pledge shout out for today goes back to 1956. November 6th, President Dwight D. Eisenhower defeated Adlai Stevenson. Eisenhower had looked unbeatable, but in 1955 He suffered a massive Heart Attack. Stevenson gave ” IKE” a run for His money but came up short. He gave a very poignant and […]

Wait…Luke Bryan doesn’t play football! What’s happening here? Luke explains on Instagram how the The Heisman Trophy ended up in his possession! Tim Tebow received the honor back in 2007, when he was the starting quarterback for the Florida Gators. In fact, he was the first college sophomore to win the trophy. Still…how did the […]

It was November 5th, 1989 when Singer-Songwriter Barry Sadler died from a massive heart attack in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, ( Kenny Chesney’s hometown), he was 49. He has an interesting story. Sadler quit high school in Leadville, Colorado in 1958 and joined the U. S. Air Force. He was honorably discharged in 1961. He then enlisted […]

Well, it’s about damn time! It’s the first time since 1979 that two solo female acts are up for CMA’s Entertainer of the Year Award! The Boot reports, “Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert will be vying for the CMA’s highest honor alongside Eric Church, Keith Urban and Luke Combs in 2020. Both Underwood and Lambert have been nominated for Entertainer of the Year […]

Bauer’s Market and Garden Center of LaCresent brings You Our 7AM pledge of Allegiance Shout-Out today. To the Friends and Family of the Late Patrick Joseph Lucey, ( many of whom still live locally). November 4th, 1980 Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter for the U.S. Presidency. The Independent Candidate was John B. Anderson of Rockford […]

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