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The collective sigh of relief you hear is Vikings fans for two reasons. Number one: they were back in US Bank Stadium making it the raucous, ear shattering venue that opposing teams hate to come into. The Skol Chant was in full throat and you could tell the announcers had to raise their voice to […]

The house that inspired “The Conjuring” film has just went up for sale in Rhode Island. Gee, I wonder why? The house is one of the most well-known haunted houses in the country. The 1836 home can be yours for a miniscule price of $1.2 million dollars. The house is currently being used as an […]

The Weekend Three: September 24-26, 2021 The Weekend Three highlights three events that take place each weekend across the Tri-States. These events are anything from fundraisers, festivals and fairs to other various community functions. If interested, feel free to take part in any of these events and support local communities. 1. Warrens Cranberry Festival – […]

Sometimes quick thinking can keep a disaster from turning into an insurmountable loss. A Chisago County police officer in Minnesota couldn’t stop a car fire at a rural home. He tries to use a fire extinguisher to stop it with no luck. He asks the owner if he has a tow strap and uses his […]

Oh hell no!! A man in Great Britain recently purchased a home, and decided to investigate the house when he noticed wiring coming out of the wall where the previous owners had the refrigerator. According to the NY Post, John Lewis didn’t know where the wiring led too so he decided to “knock through the […]

The price of homes that last year has been astounding. I’ve heard of homes being sold for more than double what they would normally be worth in the current market. It’s the one thing the pandemic actually affected in a different manner. Now the cost of building a new home has also gone up exponentially […]

Plenty of times I’ve seen someone traveling down the road in unconventional vehicles. Most of us have seen the video of motorcycle with the guy playing drums in the sidecar or maybe people using Power Wheels as a way to get to the liquor store. Most of those videos are somewhat funny and harmless. This […]

Who needs to take an expensive African safari or a trip to the zoo to see zebras when there is the town of Seymour, Wisconsin. The town which is approximately twenty miles west of Green Bay and has a population of about 3,400 people is going viral after a local garbage truck driver shared video […]

People are losing their minds over GAMES! High school games that teach kids a multitude of life skills as well as the sport itself. Why? No one really knows. Is it because of the “everyone deserves a participation ribbon” mentality or is it that people feel more emboldened by their “rights” to harass someone because […]

The Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt has officially begun. Whoever finds the medallion will be able to claim the top prize of $500 cash! One clue per day will be announced until the medallion is found. Clues are posted each day on the Oktoberfest USA Facebook, Instagram pages and on their website at approximately 7 AM. The […]

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