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We’ve all heard stories about kids being bullied or left out in schools. Whether it’s physical or simply verbal it seems like it has been on the rise in recent years. In Colorado a young man named Brody had moved to a new school due to being bullied at his last one and was looking […]

After a tragedy like the one in Uvalde, Texas it can be hard to know what to do. So many people want to find ways to help, but that can be difficult from long distances, or to make sure your donations are going to the correct people. Minnesota Vikings cornerback Kris Boyd, who is from […]

I love history and old buildings. Always having a glimpse of where we came from is fascinating and looking at old architecture is usually more beautiful than modern work. The fact that a lot of old buildings are still standing strong is a testament to how we used to build. Just look at downtown La […]

I can understand if you’re not the biggest fan of Adam Sandler. His comedy styling and early movies are not Oscar winners or even considered although he has made some dramas that have been critically acclaimed. No matter what you think he has had a great career and he still has some of the most […]

Throughout the month of May, KQ98 is giving our thanks and salutes to all of our local veterans. We’ll highlight area VFW’s and other organizations that work with our veterans and their families to make sure they get the best possible care. Brandon Scott in the morning talked to Adam Flood from the La Crosse […]

Have you ever seen those movies where tornadoes pick up a bunch of sharks and toss them into a city, and the heroes are B List actors that you remember from their heydays? No? Yes? Either way you’ve at least heard of them and their endless sequels. While this is not exactly that same problem […]

Chris Jericho had a very successful career in the WWE as one of their premiere wrestlers. Wrestling is well known to be a bit of a soap opera with it’s entertaining side stories and their matches of athletic moves that are more theater than actual competition. Recently Jericho’s niece has been on the receiving end […]

Congrats to Lisa Ira, who battled it out against several other qualifiers at Big Al’s Pizza in downtown La Crosse on Monday evening, to claim her prize and become the winner of Destination Dew! Lisa won an epic vacation from Mountain Dew and Gillette Pepsi of La Crosse. The contest was a “choose your own […]

There are a number of movies out there where the main character has a trip to the future or body shift to a different age or a different timeline. “Freaky Friday”, “Big”, “13 Going On 30”, “Family Man”, “A Christmas Carol” ….. the list goes on in different manners and directions including kids being put […]

Every year for the last 47 years Saturday Night Live has been giving us memorable characters, skits, and political jabs. Every year a “Not Ready for Prime Time Player”or two leave the show. Sometimes it’s unnoticed because it was just a featured player and not a main cast member. Every so often though one of […]

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