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Wedding World is Sunday, March 5, 2023 at the beautiful La Crosse Center Riverside Ballroom and Terrace! This is an intimate and elevated wedding showcase experience, allowing future brides and grooms to connect with wedding business owners to assemble their wedding dream teams! Tickets to Wedding World are complimentary, and you can register here. However, you definitely want […]

I will fully admit that I give people making money on the Internet a hard time. Mostly it’s the ones that don’t really have any talent and are just followed by the mindless throng that thinks they are interesting. A good amount of them are not. However, there are several people putting out great content […]

New research came up with a list of the top “dream jobs” worldwide.  They did it by looking into targeted online search results for stuff like “how to be a . . .” In the end, the top “dream job” was PILOT.  Which is interesting, because we’ve been hearing stories about how airlines have been […]

Phyllis Lokker of Rochester isn’t letting cold weather or age keep her from having fun. She learned from her Aunt that having fun is important no matter where you are in life. Her laugh is infectious and she says when she dies she, “wants to go in a Dayton’s box so I can go in […]

There is a glut of superhero movies or action adventure films out there that you may either love or hate. They are the escapist movies put out to simply entertain you, and for you to turn off the outside world and just be part of the experience. There may be small revelations or “gotcha” moments, […]

Commercials for beer during sporting events go together like cereal and milk, peanut butter and jelly, chili cheese dip and tortilla chips. Speaking of that last one, you know that at most Super Bowl parties that you attend in the Midwest are going to have the staple of all party dips: Hormel Chili and cheese […]

Every year (and I do mean EVERY year) there is a story about the perils of ice fishing. Some are very sad while some are fun. The rest you kind of wonder how intelligent folks are. I may not go out fishing in the freezing temps to see if I can get any lunkers, but […]

It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day.  And there are around 1,800 varieties of cheese around the world, meaning that it would take FIVE YEARS to go through them all if you tried a new one every day. If you ARE up for eating cheese every day, the people at SleepJunkie.com are looking for people to help […]

We all know there are certain ways we should act in certain places. At times, we may forget that there are some socially unacceptable things to do. A professional in the service industry gave some tips that all of us should be following. 1.  Don’t rearrange the tables on your own.  One of them could […]

Remakes are always a sketchy proposition. Re-imaginings are usually worse than the original. Hollywood is a glut of rehashing old material to make a buck while usually not really improving on the original source or killing it all together. There are occasions when they do make something better or that fits within the original’s source […]

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