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Seinfeld is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary with a special edition LEGO set, and it’s available August 1! The show’s pilot premiered on July 5, 1989. However, according to Nerdist, “this particular set’s story dates back to June of 2019. That’s when LEGO enthusiast Brett Waller of Brisbane, Australia submitted his design to LEGO Ideas. One year later, […]

We all know when there are certain events that people can become someone else. Someone different than what they normally are the other 365 days a year. It’s not because they try to be this way, but something changes them completely or, at the very least makes them a little “extra”. The Dude Dad shows […]

Living in the midwest we are used to animals being all around us. Sometimes they are in a foggy meadow chewing on clover with a gentle sunset in a moment of picturesque glory. Sometimes they are running in front of our vehicles, and sometimes they are medium rare on our plates. There are rare occasions […]

Chris Lane has been on the Country Music scene since 2012, but there’s a chance he wouldn’t have been. Chris and his twin brother Cory were both athletes in high school and college. After playing football and baseball in high school they went on to play baseball at the collegiate level at the University Of […]

People battling cancer need support, and the best place to get that is from those around them in their community. Every year the Houston Area Cancer Support group raises funds for local patients and their families with an auction and a biscuits and gravy breakfast with all the funds staying LOCAL. The LaCrosse Regional Airport […]

The last year gave us all a lot of time to catch up on projects, binge TV shows, get outside more and build. Many people took the down time to just build what ever they could think of. Tree houses, decks, barns, cabins, houses, you name it and somebody probably built it. One man who […]

Alan Jackson returned to his hometown of Newnan, Georgia, on Saturday for Where I Come From: Tornado Benefit Concert. The event raised over $2 million for the city, which suffered extensive damage following the EF-4 tornado that touched down on March 26. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Alan Jackson (@officialalanjackson) View this post on […]

There really is no better State Fair than the Minnesota State Fair. Every year there is a bit of showdown between them and the Texas State Fair and the attendance numbers. They have comparable numbers, but Texas goes on for over 3 weeks versus Minnesota which goes for just under 2 weeks. Where Texas has […]

Over the weekend, Elle Mark, a Redwing, MN native, was crowned the new Miss Minnesota. She’s also no stranger to the La Crosse community. “Gabrielle “Elle” Mark is an honors graduate from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse with her Bachelors degree in Public Health & Community Health Education. During her undergraduate career, Elle […]

NEWS FLASH: Major sporting events are about the athletes not those standing on the sidelines watching. Too often you have someone trying to “be a part of it” by running on the field, streaking, jumping into a picture in the background, holding up a controversial sign, and my personal pet peeve, yelling during a moment […]

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