After a great start last night by Blackhawk getting the crowd dancing and partying and there are still 2 more days of fun! The gates open back up at 2PM today and Saturday with more great acts on the schedule! Today is Kameron Marlowe, Niko Moon, and headliner Russell Dickerson and then on Saturday Caylee […]

The NFL has the formula for making it the biggest spectacle in sports. No matter if it’s the off season or middle of the regular season the NFL rules the airwaves. The draft has become a three day event, some people want the day after the Super Bowl made into a national holiday or moved […]

IMPORTANT: THIS GUY IS A PACKERS FAN. So before you put up a comment against the Vikings or any other team he is a fan of that team and is laughing at the fact his own team lost. Maybe read that again before commenting. With that being said he takes a look at certain team’s […]

“Do you like scary movies?” It’s been a pop culture catchphrase for the last 25 years making people afraid to answer the phone while home alone. As much as Freddy, Jason, and Michael have been the pinnacle of horror movie royalty few have pierced that level of popularity as much as Ghostface. The masked killer […]

As most people know Mtn. Dew has traditionally been associated with alcohol. I mean, it’s basically slang for moonshine. It was invented as a mixer for whiskey, but evolved into the country-fied, fun loving drink of summer. Normally associated with extreme sports in the 90s, their ads have always been fun and full of exciting […]

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