For those that are old enough to remember the 1980s there were many shows and movies that showed it was the decade of money and power. Getting rich was a big deal and it was so reflected in almost everything. One place it wasn’t as reflected. Music. It was mostly about love and partying and […]

DLC Inc. is a bit different from other charitable organizations in a small town. There was a need for a fundraiser for their local town celebration soon after the pandemic. Business owners Dusty Franzwa, Lucas Meyer, and Chris Schroeder (DLC) got together and decided they would head the drive for the funds. They decided to […]

As we all know this time of year is rife with haunted houses and spooky trail rides. Most are fundraisers for local charities. In Harmony, Minnesota the Fillmore Central school kids are running their own haunted house to help raise funds for programs at school. They do it while ranking as the best haunted house […]

It’s probably safe to assume that Bob Barker had a lot of money.  And according to TMZ, most of it, estimated around $70 million is being left to charity.  Not surprisingly, that includes a lot of animal welfare organizations. Bob’s rep also says he spent a lot of time in his last days watching TV.  Reruns […]

Every year, especially in fall there are kids out selling item after item. Whether it’s wrapping paper, meats and cheeses, fruit, or cookies your door gets knocked on, or there is a sign up sheet in the break room at work. We all know it usually goes to a good organization, but not always where […]

Here’s a list of some of the haunted houses and a cool corn maze in the area! Looking for somewhere close or maybe a small road trip? You should be able to find them all right here! Hidden Trails Corn Maze One of Wisconsin’s oldest and largest corn mazes. 4 corn mazes, a pumpkin patch, […]

Mark Buttell, the creator of Ring & Run, Inc., was born with congenital Heart Disease. This led to numerous procedures throughout his life: four open heart surgeries, two heart ablations, and three ICD’s (Internal Cardio Defibrillator). In 2007, the local community held a benefit for him and his family, to help pay for the ongoing […]

This weekend is important to any prospective player trying to make their way into the NFL. In Indianapolis they are holding the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Field where college athletes show off their speed and skill. Teams take that data and add that to the hours of game tape that they watch to determine […]

The internet is full of things for you to try and/or challenge yourself. Some are stupid and I fully believe were started by dumb people just smart enough to get dumber people to participate (See: Tide pod challenge). Others are made to help bring awareness to a cause or to help raise funds for a […]

Every once in awhile we make a guess at something and it comes true. Whether the odds are in our favor or not, or whether we do countless hours of research, or if we just throw something out there. It happens. Have you ever been watching a sporting event and say something like, “He going […]

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