Written by on March 4, 2022

This weekend is important to any prospective player trying to make their way into the NFL. In Indianapolis they are holding the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Field where college athletes show off their speed and skill. Teams take that data and add that to the hours of game tape that they watch to determine which player they should select to hopefully make their team better. It is a pivotal moment in their career and can change a player’s status of being drafted in the earlier rounds versus the later ones. While the players know that the cameras are on them in the stadium when they get outside they are on their own. It was very lucky and extremely cool to see Malik Willis, a quarterback that could go in the first round from Liberty University stop and give some items to a homeless person on the street, and to have it caught on video. From what I can tell the items he gave the person were some clothing that he was most likely given as part of a gift for attending the combine. They appear to be still wrapped in plastic and folded. It’s not often a young man would think to do this when he’s most likely very excited for the weekend and its implications on his future. It warms the heart to see such an act of kindness!

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