There’s nothing worse than when you open the fridge at work and that Tupperware that has been sitting there for a month or two looks like it’s staring back at you. It’s not yours, but you’re tired of seeing it and decide to throw it out. You open it. Mold! It’s what happens naturally to […]

The rumors a month ago were true: Winona Ryder was in Winona, MN filming a commercial. Not just any commercial but one that was going to be featured during the Super Bowl! That rumor was true! I actually try to avoid the ads that pop up early because I like to experience them during the […]

If you haven’t seen or heard of Peloton then you’ve been far away from any kind of media. Peloton is basically a workout bike that links to trainers via the internet and a video screen and can be manipulated by them. They recently came out with a commercial where a very fit woman gets it […]

It’s one of the few days of my life that I remember almost every moment of. Where I was, what I was doing, who I was with and conversations I had during the day. I lived in the Twin Cities at that time and parking ramps were closed for bomb sniffing dogs. Police were mobilized […]

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