Written by on September 9, 2021

What a blessed day it is to have your baby baptized! All the family is there celebrating along with you, and ready to visit afterwards and eat green Jello, cake and ham sandwiches. The baptism itself can sometimes be a bit of an adventure. With my own kids we have stories because my son wasn’t baptized right away and was about a year old. He fell asleep in the priests arms and when he went to dip his head in the water his arm basically flopped over and he barely woke up after the water touched his head. The audience got a good laugh. With my daughter they had a new baptismal fountain that the priest leaned too far into along with my wife and they both got wet. Most baptisms we’re used to seeing the child is dressed in a gown or another garment. Although some religions the baby is naked. A video making the rounds recently is of such a baptism where the child figures, “Hey buddy, if you’re gonna baptize me then I’m gonna baptize you!”

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