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Everyone knows I’m a diehard Vikings fan. On game day I’m wearing purple from head to toe sometimes. Special event on game day? Maybe have it a different day if you would like me in attendance. Do I hate the Packers? I hate the Packer more than Aaron Rodgers hates his own family. I’m not just a Vikings fan though as I am a fan of all teams Minnesota with the University Of Minnesota, The Wild, Twins, Timberwolves, and Lynx all in my circle of fandom. The Twins and the Lynx have given us world titles multiple times, but it’s been 30 years since the Twinkies gave us a trophy as part of the “Big Four” of sports. The Gophers football team has national championships, but those were from the 1960s. The Vikings went to four Super Bowls and lost them all – as Packers fans like to point out as soon as you point out some flaw in their current team and have been snake-bitten ever since in the playoffs. The Twins have been mostly a non-factor off and on while the Wolves haven’t been relevant since the early 2000s. Why is this? Is the state cursed? Is their some force out there keeping the Vikings form winning the big game? Why can’t the Gophers get back to the prominence they once had? We may never know what it is, but we remain fans. We sit through torturous seasons of ups and downs with our hopes raised and dashed repeatedly and we come back for more. I’ve always said that you don’t just drop a team because they haven’t won much or you moved away. You live in Minnesota, or any state for that matter and you get born into what you have there. A man, I’m guessing a teacher has given the best speech about this recently on Tik Tok and it’s going around the internet faster than a Justin Jefferson route. This guy says exactly what I would say and currently feel. I was born into this and I’m not backing down!


A lesson in loyalty. The moments before Winter Break are truly unhinged. #mnvikings #minnesota #teachersoftiktok #teacher

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