Minnesota Has A Goldfish Problem

Written by on July 14, 2021

When we have pets we do out best to take care of them for their entire life. Unfortunately some people don’t take this as seriously as others or come on hard times and in their judgement they decide to set their pets free. This is never a good idea as some animals just can’t care for themselves and have only known human care. It can be even worse at times as the animals released could be damaging to their environment they now occupy. We’ve heard the stories of people releasing pythons into the Florida everglades where they take over and can’t be controlled naturally. One of the worst things that can be released in our area is fish. Specifically the release of live goldfish can be a huge problem. Minnesota lakes are being taken over by them, You have to remember that most fish grow based on the size of their living environment, and gold fish are very resilient to our climate. While goldfish in a bowl are small the ones in the wild can get very large an can damage our ecosystem. So, don’t release live goldfish into the wild or even flush them down the toilet as they can get to fresh water and ruin popular fishing areas. You can click the picture to get the whole story.

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