Written by on October 13, 2021

There are several videos we’ve seen of animals in precarious situations. Some are funnier than others such as when we see a dog or cat with their head stuck in a bag or cup and the people trying to free them. Usually that’s pretty harmless. Worse is when we see animals that usually live in and around water caught in pop rings or bags and are suffering. The story of the elk with a tire around its neck is one of those concerning stories. In 2019 a elk was photographed with the tire around it’s neck, and it had obviously been there awhile because the elk had a full set of antlers. The elk kept showing up on trail cameras and there was concern that during mating season the tire could restrict blood flow and air as their neck swells at that time. You may be wondering why it took 2 years. Elk are sometimes referred to as the “ghosts in the woods” because they can quickly disappear from sight even with their large size. You can see in this video that they finally got it and the elk is feeling better as it is no longer … tired.

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