Written by on November 24, 2021

Not all sitcoms are created equal. Some have massive staying power that people watch and share for decades while some whither and disappear even though they were popular for a time. For every Growing Pains or Andy Griffith Show there is a Step By Step and Dobie Gillis. Some that shone brightly for a time, but just didn’t have the staying power of others. Some people have fond memories of sitcoms that skewed a little more adult in their content instead of always having a family or kid friendly message. One such was “WKRP In Cincinati”, a show about a radio station and the craziness that ensues around its cast of varying personalities. Those of us in the industry have a fond hold of it since it speaks to us and for some the bygone days of putting a needle on a record and every aspect of live broadcasts warts and all. There is one episode though that everyone seems to know. It has become synonymous with this time of year, and has even been graced to t-shirts and other paraphernalia. The notorious “Turkey Drop Episode”. It gets shared around this time of year with the anniversary date of November 22nd and it never gets old. Sitcoms just don’t grab hold of this type of comedy like they used to. So, sit back and relive one of the worst thought out promotions in radio history and the unseen chaos that makes it even better because you never see what happens. Just like listening on the radio you have to see it with your mind.

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