Written by on December 23, 2021

Supply chain slow downs. Items not available. Candy Canes in short supply. Christmas 2021 is better than last year, but it still has a bit of a way to go. One guy that is NEVER late and not even delayed by major snowstorms is the man in red, Santa Claus! He’s getting ready to hit the happy jet streams and bring toys and presents to all the good little boys and girls of the world! When will he be in the tri-states area? No worries moms and dads trying to answer that difficult question or fighting with their little tykes to hit the hay we’ve got you covered. Well, actually the government has you covered with NORAD once again tracking Santa with their special “Santa Radar” that shows the kids exactly when they should be jumping into bed and covering up their heads. This year be well equipped with Santa Radar and a few games to play with the kids some videos to watch and few other goodies on the site before they go to bed and the sugar plums start dancing. Click the picture to go to NORAD.

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