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OK, there are several foods and drinks being made out there that claim to be the end all be all of curing a hangover. Usually they are a Bloody Mary mixture with a stiff chaser and hot sauce put in to get your metabolism running. However, there are restaurants – usually located not too far from a college campus or the stadium that claim that one food item on their menu also cures a case of the “beer bottle flu”. The amount of food is massive and the ingredients don’t care if it’s your cheat day or not. Expect some form of potato be in the mix whether it’s on the side or incorporated into the dish. There will be meat! Oh yes, there will be meat so vegetarians need not glimpse at it. I remember going to a Minnesota Gophers football game and we ate at a restaurant called Stub & Herbs which is right off campus. They had a a bowl of food that I got because I was very hungry that morning (wink). It is literally a layer of tator tots covered in eggs and bacon and sausage which is smothered in breakfast gravy and sprinkled with cheese. I added the Bloody Mary to go with it and all my ails were cured. A restaurant has upped the game though in San Antonio, Texas by making the “hangover meal” a hand held option. BOSS Bagels has what they call The Country Ham Hangover Cure bagel and as soon as I saw a picture of it I felt hungry. It’s described as: The Country Ham Hangover Cure ($9.75) is an all-in-one total breakfast experience with delicious slices of cured pork layered with bacon, cheddar cheese, a fried egg with a beautifully runny yolk and a layer of cream cheese with the flavors of a loaded baked potato — all tucked inside a tasty onion bagel. Personally, I would use an Everything Bagel, but who am I to argue with success. The bagel is getting a lot of buzz on social media due to it’s size and hangover tie in. Would this cure your hangover? Either way, I don’t really think you would need one to enjoy this sandwich. Click the picture for more information.

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