Written by on September 20, 2022

The internet is full of “deep fake” videos and people. Those are videos of people that are made to look so much like a famous person that you really can’t tel the difference. Either just being a look alike or through computer programs and filters it is easy to get tricked by these videos. It can be harder to pull off in real life because people can tell if you’re wearing makeup or a wig. Unless it’s done by an absolute professional, then you might be able to pull it off. It’s even easier when you take someone who is famous and make them look like an unknown person. We’ve all seen Undercover Boss and wondered how people can’t tell when an individual is a plant by their actions and look. In this case former professional football player and Super Bowl Champion, Eli Manning went to Penn State in disguise and was vying to be a walk on player at the quarterback position. As Chad Powers, he had a majority of the coaching staff and surrounding players fooled into thinking he was just another guy trying to make a college team. It is definitely funny, but also ends of a heart touching note for another players there.

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