Written by on October 6, 2022

I love the holiday season! From Halloween until New Year’s Day I love the feelings that people put out, the general vibe of the seasons. I truly love it when someone loves a holiday so much that they go the extra mile when decorating. We’ve seen hundreds of Christmas light displays with some set to change with music, and others that just have every decoration ever made it seems. At Halloween there is always the traditional pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows and other scary decorations. Those that claim All Hallows Eve as their favorite holiday sometimes go that extra mile. Recently, a family in Illinois really topped the spook factor by making a floating mannequin based on the Netflix show “Stranger Things” go viral. It literally looks like it’s floating in mid air with zero attachments! It’s incredible! The neighbors were all for the display ….. until they weren’t. It has been temporarily shut down. Now, if the neighbor was getting their property damaged by foot traffic or something else, or could never get out of their driveway I would completely agree. Having a cool display can’t overcome becoming a nuisance and making people late for work. It sounds like it’s more of a complaint in the area of “I don;t like people here”. That’s sad because they are bringing some real joy and a bit of magic to the neighborhood. Hope they can figure it out so that everyone can enjoy this magnificent decoration.

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