Written by on March 8, 2023

When it comes to kids they can say some of the funniest things all from a sense of naive wonder and pure heart. They can also knock us down a peg with brutal honesty when they don’t know how to be appropriate in certain situations. The most powerful thing a kid can do is just plain melt our hearts with their thoughts and words wrapped in innocence. I came across this story that will make the burliest of men who built the Eiffel Tower out of steel and brawn turn into a puddle. A man in South Dakota recently posted a picture on Reddit that his foster daughter gave to him and his wife. It simply said in misspelled letters, “Please love me.” That’s it. When you think of a child that has perhaps never felt what it’s like to be loved truly, and sincerely it is enough to break your heart. The cool thing is that he and his wife are looking to adopt both her and her brother so they can keep on loving them their whole lives. If this doesn’t give you a bit of a smile and a tear in your eye then you’ve got a heart of stone.

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