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Everywhere you live there is some form of stress. It can come from home life, work, or just the drive between the two of them. There are a lot of factors that can increase stress at work:  Demanding bosses, being understaffed, tight timelines, and being in the state of Texas, apparently. There’s a new study […]

Social media rules the lives of a lot of people. If they don’t post, share, record, filter, etc. they feel like they have wasted an opportunity. Most of the videos you see on the multiple platforms are harmless and are for entertainment purposes only. The ones that bug me are just people that are just […]

The Viroqua FFA chapter came in to the studio to talk about the importance of FFA and how it helps them. They talked about how it can help others as well and that you don’t have to grow up on a farm to be in FFA. Everyone is welcome! They all have different paths that […]

The weather is…terrible. That’s not the real problem though. The problem is we take too much time complaining about it. In the tri-states we run the gamut of freezing cold with a windchill to hot as heck with humidity when it comes to our seasons. Somewhere in the middle is perfect Fall and Spring days […]

Where we live is no stranger to bad weather especially in the winter. Every year we usually have one or two bad storms or maybe a string of sub-zero days that seem unrelenting. Every so often we get a big storm that is reminiscent of days long gone when our parents walked uphill both ways […]

I spoke with the Waukon, Iowa FFA chapter and the activities they’re involved in. They travel to the National Conference every year and have a group competing this year. Mercedes and Alaina filled me in on all their goals with the Waukon chapter.

The Commander in Chief, The Head Cheese, The Big Man, the Most Powerful Man In The World, The President Of The United States of America are all ways to address the position. We should show respect to the position even if we may not agree with the person sitting there. Even “Mr. President” (which could […]

Ten years after its release, a man’s book has become a best seller because his daughter created a TikTok account dedicated to promoting the work. Marguerite Richards posted a simple video that has over 9 million views. The book by 74-year-old Lloyd Devereux Richards, “Stone Maidens” went to number 1 and became a Best Seller! […]

No one wants to be “average” in most cases. They want to be “exceptional” or “great” or at the very least “above average” in their goals. Somewhere out there are just normal people that aren’t better than the norm, but are not below average for how they live their lives. A poll was taken and […]

Tuesdays are the worst day for holidays. I can’t explain exactly why, but I’m going tot try. Holidays on Monday or Friday work because you can take them off if you really want to and have an extended weekend. Thursdays are close enough to the weekend that you can take Friday off and spill it […]

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