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We’ve been waiting to hear how things have been going. Lady A missed a performance at Minnesota’s Lakefront Music Fest after Charles Kelley was diagnosed with appendicitis. pic.twitter.com/uYuGJhh4Ny — Lady A (@ladya) July 10, 2021 Kelley was hospitalized, however he was able to recover without surgery! He posted on Instagram to share the good news […]

When we have pets we do out best to take care of them for their entire life. Unfortunately some people don’t take this as seriously as others or come on hard times and in their judgement they decide to set their pets free. This is never a good idea as some animals just can’t care […]

Thomas Rhett has been away from performing on the road for a long time, and is “pumped” to get back on tour. In fact, it’s been so long since he’s been on the road that his youngest daughter has yet to experience him in “concert-mode.” “It’s crazy that my daughter Lennon was born in February […]

This last year was full of TV shows and a dramatic increase of viewers due to the pandemic. It seemed like I could not talk to anyone – from 6 feet apart or over Zoom that didn’t watch the same shows I did. People were starving for entertainment and thanks to every streaming service available […]

Country Boom 2021 was my first as part of the KQ98 team. I came to the inaugural Boom in 2018 as a spectator, but this year working the event was much different as I got to experience it in so many ways. First and foremost, thank you to the KQ98 listeners! You all showed up […]

Oreo is no stranger to trying new flavors. They will be dipping into the fall-flavored theme again this year. What screams “fall” more than apple cider donuts? Yum! The company has revealed that their new fall-flavored cookie will indeed be that of apple cider donuts. They will combine their Golden Oreos with an apple cider […]

There is always concern that you might find something when digging that you didn’t expect to find. Usually it’s a water service line or maybe electrical or cable wiring. Then there are those of us that have seen movies like “Poltergeist” and are worried that we will unearth a long lost or unmoved graveyard and […]

A Ripon, WI woman is seeing blue as she has the largest collection of unique Smurf items, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Gerda Scheuers, 47, has more than 11,000 collectables that range from basic figurines and stuffed animals to more everyday things like; hair brushes, puzzles, towels, tooth brushes and more. She […]

If you’re not aware I’m a bit of a “cinephile”. There’s nothing I like more than getting lost in a movie and escaping from the real world for a few hours. It’s relaxing. One of the best things about movies is just accepting the fact that you’re watching fiction and whether or not something would […]

This guy…wow! David Rush, of Idaho, is a professional record breaker. He’s broken nearly 200 Guinness World Records, and he’s done it again! This time, David balanced a 2.5 pound garden hoe on his head for 2 hours, 36 minutes, and 6 seconds. Check this out! David has a whole page on the Guinness World […]

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