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We take for granted so many things we get immediately or within a short time. Some of us have forgotten what it was like without cell phone, and the Internet and the multiple social media apps available to stay connected. The usual months long waiting for senior pictures or that perfect wedding album now can […]

The Weekend Three: October 8th-10th The Weekend Three highlights three events that take place each weekend across the Tri-States. These events are anything from fundraisers, festivals and fairs to other various community functions. If interested, feel free to take part in any of these events and support local communities. 1. HorseSense 4th Annual Fall Harvest […]

The music streaming service Spotify, recently collected data on Gen Z listener habits and found that they are big fans of ’90s country. Who doesn’t love ’90s country? Generation Z is the newest generation of people born, between the years 1997 to 2012, and are currently between the ages of 9 and 24 years old. […]

Here’s the deal: I don’t care who you are or what you’re thoughts are on the subjects. SNL had probably one of the most biting, and frankly honest commentaries you will see on the recent videos that have surfaced from around the country of school board meetings. It is getting a lot of buzz because […]

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are celebrating a milestone! The country couple tied the knot on this day (October 6th) in 1996 making this year their 25th wedding anniversary. Congrats!! In 1996, Hill was the opening act for McGraw on his “Spontaneous Combustion Tour.” At the time, she was newly engaged to Scott Hendricks who […]

I am in no way a “fisherman”. I have fished many times in my life, but my brain never fully appreciated the solemn quiet of a day of fishing. When I was younger I didn’t like fish much mostly because my family always batterfried it and I didn’t like that. I like it grilled, fried, […]

It is World Teachers’ Day (October 5th) and it’s tough to think of anyone who deserves free stuff or discounted items more than teachers with the challenges they’ve faced with the pandemic over the last year. This day was created to commemorate teachers across the globe and to recognize and celebrate their contributions and efforts. […]

Elvie Shane is pretty new to Country Music only in exposure and album releases. However, he has been singing since 2012 when he dropped out of school at Western Kentucky University. It was 4 years later that Shane found himself on American Idol trying to get his name out the re and looking for his […]

There are LOTS of options in the La Crosse area when it comes to Mexican food. However, which ones are the best? According to Yelp, the following are the Top 10, highest-rated Mexican restaurants in the greater La Crosse area. Again, these are just some of the amazing Mexican restaurants around. It’s time to get […]

Kacey Musgraves has always had a bit of an edge to her singing. For a female country artist she skates away from the more “princess” persona and is the tough girl that would shoot whiskey before asking for a mixed drink with a grenadine and Kinky base. Last night was the season premiere of Saturday […]

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