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As a dad I know how it feels to not be there for your kids. It hurts no matter what the reason is and you feel a great deal of regret. It is a whole other level when you may never be there for them ever again. Michael Hugo is 37 years old and has […]

Not everyone gets to make the winning shot or have themselves all over the news for their athletic abilities. There are those players that play the best they can and contribute where they can. They are just as much a part of the team, but they don’t see the playing field as much as others. […]

When it comes to kids they can say some of the funniest things all from a sense of naive wonder and pure heart. They can also knock us down a peg with brutal honesty when they don’t know how to be appropriate in certain situations. The most powerful thing a kid can do is just […]

Sometimes the old ways a re still the best ways. 43 year old Robert Siegfried of Janesville, Wisconsin has had enough of using social media to find a wife. He’s looking for someone “Local and honest” to settle down with. So, since modern technology has failed him he has decided to move to a more […]

I stumbled across this video today and thought that it was kind of cool and funny. We always see actors pretending to play instruments in movies and TV shows and their hands are usually out of sight so you can’t see how badly they are “playing”. You can’t always do that or do a stand-in […]

When you go out with your friends in high school there are the songs you sang at the top of your lungs. In the car, on the bus to a sporting event, or just cruising on a Saturday night you sang – sometimes poorly these anthems and bond over them. When you went to college […]

You know them. They park their car outside even if they have a garage. Inevitably, their car alarm goes off for the 12th time this month and they seem to be the only person on the block that can’t hear it. No one has touched their car and you know they’re home because you saw […]

When you watch beauty pageants you know that there is a focus on looks with the contestants. What a good amount of people forget is the talent and smarts that a lot these people have. They have degrees in law and business and are accomplished musicians with talents that stretch far beyond their beauty. When […]

Sometimes you just have to keep in contact with the right person to find your opportunities. Megan Moroney has hit the scene recently and is making the rounds in Country Music airwaves. From Georgia and a graduate of the the University of Georgia, she has earned her degree and is now trying to earn more […]

There are food items that we wish we could get more easily at times rather than going to a restaurant. We all know privately owned restaurants want us to go there and eat and maybe have a few extras, or at least do take out. We can’t hope that steak/burger/chicken from your favorite restaurant will […]

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