There are real Olympians out there doing great things to represent their country. It is always an inspiring moment to see our homegrown athletes giving their all for the honor of standing on top of that Olympic pedestal! Whether you “believe in miracles” or see an injured gymnast vault on an injured foot to win […]

We all know when there are certain events that people can become someone else. Someone different than what they normally are the other 365 days a year. It’s not because they try to be this way, but something changes them completely or, at the very least makes them a little “extra”. The Dude Dad shows […]

Every once in a while artists have a little fun with their song writing. What’s surprising is that in some instances songs written as a joke become actual hits and become the most closely associated song to that artist. Ever heard “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow? Yup, that’s one of them. In my personal opinion the […]

What was expected to be more of a barn burner of a game turned into a bit of a letdown. “The GOAT” versus “The Kid” didn’t live up to the hype that most thought it would be, but it was entertaining for the most part. The biggest discussion every year seems to be about the […]

Living in a pandemic world hasn’t been all bad. So many home projects have gotten completed. People are going outside more and getting more exercise. Creativity has also been pretty high. So when you listen to and watch this new song – inspired by Brad Paisley and video by Lady A’s Dave Haywood along with […]

We’ve all heard stories of people thinking they can speed because there aren’t as many people driving right now. It seems even those meant to uphold the law are not immune to this egregious act. Thankfully we have officers upholding the law as well. Thank you Officer Justus! He’s the not the hero we deserves, […]

OK, let’s be clear that the bride WAS in on the joke slightly. However, this is pretty funny and shows a lot of dedication on his part. Just know ladies that little brothers can cause mischief even when they’re not so little anymore!

There are so many social media platforms to use and connect us. Whether for fun, likes, commentary, etc. they can be utilized in many ways. They have been enhanced over the years with filters and the moments that people have forgotten to turn those filters off are becoming more prevalent. That’s a good thing because […]

The Big Game always has great action and controversy, but there may be no bigger argument amongst watchers of the game than which commercials were the best. I found my top ten and the local one from Winona didn’t make my list because the one they finally showed wasn’t as good as the ones that […]

The rumors a month ago were true: Winona Ryder was in Winona, MN filming a commercial. Not just any commercial but one that was going to be featured during the Super Bowl! That rumor was true! I actually try to avoid the ads that pop up early because I like to experience them during the […]

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