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There is no position in all of sports that is harder than playing quarterback. None. It is the only position in sports where you have to know what every player knows and what they are up to on the field. They get too much credit for wins and they get too much blame for losses. […]

While I’m not the biggest baseball fan in the world I would still be excited if a home run ball was headed towards me. I do hope I would never get so excited that I would steal the ball out of another person’s glove. It would be worse if it was a kid. At a […]

Kevin Harlan is one of the best voices in sports broadcasting. He has called countless big games, and has a terrific sense of humor and timing. During the Super Bowl a man decided to run the field. We only got a brief view of the guy on the TV screen as he ran through the […]

The Super Bowl always has it’s moments. Whether your favorite Star Spangled Banner version was Whitney Houston or Luke Bryan or your favorite commercial of all time was Apple Computers 1984 or the Budweiser Clydesdales yearly showing there is always something to talk about. Oh, there is a game played too. This year has it’s […]

The Kansas City Chiefs had 20 players and staff members, including star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, scheduled for a haircut Sunday with a barber who tested positive for COVID-19. League sources told ESPN, NFL Media and the Kansas City Star on Wednesday that reserve offensive lineman Daniel Kilgore was in the chair getting a haircut Sunday […]

Kansas City had the smell of poo-gas all about it the other day. So bad that people were flooding the 911 call center and responding to social media posts that it was gag worthy. Where was this smell coming from? Due to the cold weather, and the jet stream pouring out of the north it […]

Everything was going quite nicely for the Purple and Gold for 4 weeks. All their previous problems seemed to be worked out and the internal bickering appeared to cease. Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, and Stephon Diggs were thriving as Kirk Cousins was flawless in October and even earned NFC Player of The Month. Going into […]

In a game where some of the best players are out you never know what to expect. The Chiefs were without Patrick Mahomes and the Vikings were without Adam Thielen. Both offenses made their adjustments and it showed. The Chiefs didn’t have their exciting downfield attack and the Vikings didn’t have their 1-2 punch at […]

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