Written by on June 27, 2022

When the dispatchers at a 911 center answer the phone it isn’t always about an emergency. Sometimes they get misdirected calls or simply calls to bring awareness to something that may become an emergency or concern. Other times people dial them with frivolous complaints about a faulty food order or their unhappiness with the weather. Some calls come in that may sound like nothing at first, but become even bigger than we can imagine. In Connecticut the police received a call from a man, and when officers arrived they did something that most people might not understand. The man stated he was having “a rough week” and that he was hungry. So what did these officers do? They made him dinner. Now, I don’t know the entire story. What prompted this man to call and why the officers felt they should make him dinner is not known from the Facebook post, but maybe this guy just needed a little bit of kindness from the world. Maybe he was on the edge and the officers though the best way to deescalate the situation was to show compassion. No matter what it was a great gesture by them and showed there are people out there doing what they can to help when they can. Click the picture to see the post!

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