Written by on September 14, 2022

There are moments that change everything. Some are for the better and we see how much our lives are improved by their existence. Better health or travel or maybe just a better way to watch TV. Some though are for the worse and change not just how we live, but how we view life’s experiences. 9/11 changed everything from how we are allowed to get on a plane to what we can even take with us. The collapse of the 35 W bridge in Minneapolis made us change how we maintain our infrastructure and how closely we should listen to those that warn us. In 2017 going to a concert, especially for Country Music fans changed in a major way. There is a long line of times where violence has erupted at a concert. There are stories of fights with the occasional story or someone brandishing or using a weapon where the action became deadly. Most fans of Country before 2017 would have said that someone pulling a gun wouldn’t happen at a concert. On October 1st, 2017 at the Route 91 Harvest concert that all changed in a big way. A gunman began to shoot at the crowd from a room at the overlooking Mandalay Bay Hotel with an automatic weapon while Jason Aldean was on the stage performing. At first people thought there was fireworks or something else on the strip making that noise, but it turned out to be much worse. 59 people lost their lives just trying to enjoy a concert, a night with friends and family, or waiting for a wedding proposal. I remember reading about it the next morning and just being stunned and deeply saddened to see this happen to these innocent people, folks that were just there to have a good time and let the bad stuff in the world disappear for a bit. It changed a lot in Las Vegas and at concerts around the world. My wife and I took our first trip to Vegas the next year and stayed for several days and told them we didn’t need daily room service. However, while napping in recovery of a late night we got a knock on the door. The hotel had to check the room to make sure we weren’t doing the same thing that man did as a precaution. It was an eye opening and chilling feeling. Even when setting up for Country Boom, Riverfest, or any other festival I think about it and, “What if it happens here?” We’ve had some answers to this tragedy and the man behind it, but there is always going to be the question of, “Why?” I’m hoping this documentary will shed some more light on those events and help close some doors from that terrible day 5 years ago.

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