Written by on May 30, 2023

When we see a robbery on TV shows or movies there is always good guys and bad guys. The bad guys point guns and steal the money and the good guys try to catch them and put them in jail. Sometimes this is a real life situation and in movies or show and in real life sometimes things do not go well and a gun fight ensues. People get hurt and sometimes die in these instances. We applaud the heroes and are glad that the bad guys get put in jail. Here’s an instance where not a shot was fired and no one got hurt. In this case, the hero realized that the bank robber was a former neighbor and he just started to talk to him and get him outside the building. Before the police arrived the hero hugged the robber and no one was put in anymore danger. It’s a cool story. Cooler than a big gunfight or anyone else risking their life.

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