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Author: Tony Schultz

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The commercials started off cute and made you smile! Kids doing fun things with others or with their imaginations! Then we got this gem from Microsoft. After that they went straight for your heart! Taking childhood memories and sad moments that made my wife hate me for showing them to her when they popped on […]

From what I’ve seen you definitely don’t want to break into Willie’s home! Amazing story of an amazing woman!

Hey y’all! Did I find a great Black Friday deal that you just can’t pass up! Country Boom wants you to get your tickets early and stuff those stockings and have a Boomin’ Christmas! Starting Wednesday, November 27th at Noon through Cyber Monday, December 2nd at 11:59 PM all fans have the opportunity to purchase […]

I’m not sure how this happened, but if it happened to me I think I’d be panicking a bit. Funny thing is this seems to be a common occurrence every year or two somewhere in the world.

Dolly Parton is an American treasure and a country staple! I never knew this about Dolly as she reveals a truly personal story about her life and how it changed her forever.

Really?! That’s all I’ve got.

Sometimes you just want to watch the game. If someone had tried to selfie me at the Vikings halftime I would have had the same look. Maybe worse.

Tis the season for kids to start getting that Christmas wish list written up and handed to Mom and Dad. Black Friday and cyber Monday are just a week or two away. One dad shared his daughter’s over the top list. But hey, go big or go home I guess!

Meet Narwhal the puppy. He’s special because he has an extra tail. Where is that extra tail? Not where you would think it would be located. Watch the video, but try not to fall in love with him too much!

I knew this would be a huge moment in streaming services, but … WOW! Disney had some service issues early on Monday morning, but as the day wore on things settled down for them. They figured they would have 8 million subscribers by the end of the year not within the first week. With every […]