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As fans we get to watch our favorite teams when we get to the stadium. Other than the occasional fan standing up in front of us we get to see the game unhindered. Imagine being a fan that has your back to the game most of the time. People don’t realize that most cheerleaders in […]

Not everyone puts up their Christmas decorations right after Halloween. Some want those pumpkins and gourds to last all the way to Thanksgiving. It’s still fall and those decorations are not just specific to one holiday. The problem is getting those orange beauties lasting long enough to last the whole season. Sometimes it’s just luck […]

You ever look at an old building and think, “Man, that should be renovated into a house.” We see old churches turned into shops and homes and old buildings that used to be stores or small production businesses repurposed in multiple ways. My daughter lived in an apartment that used to be a former bakery […]

I’ve always wanted to try skydiving! I think that feeling of falling would be exhilarating and a cool thing to say that you did. There are inherent risks to doing it with the biggest not opening your chute on time. That’s what almost happens in this case as a student goes into free fall. You […]

KQ98 Cars along with River Valley Remodelers and WinnMed made a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network. Every year there are families that need to take their children to the hospital for more than just a cold. Some kids have special needs or are dealing with live altering diseases such as cancer. The Children’s Miracle […]

World records are there to be broken and another one has fallen. This time it’s for the World’s Largest Pumpkin. This is one big pumpkin! Travis Gienger of Anoka, Minnesota had to haul it all the way to San Francisco for the official weigh in where the giant pumpkin weighed in 2749lbs taking back the […]

I am a full fledged Christmas decorator. I am always thinking of new ways to decorate and new things to add to the yard or the house interior. I’m a little jealous though of those that can decorate really well for Halloween. Sometimes it’s their ability to build cool stuff and sometimes it’s the level […]

We all know that the Amish are not allowed technology. They stay away from any use of modern … well, anything. We’ve also seen shows and stories about those that sneak away and use modern technology and sometimes bring that contraband back to their communities. Some of those guys apparently got busted last week when […]

Sometimes it takes being in the right place at the right time. A Georgia police officer heard the cries of a fawn and found it in a bad predicament. The baby deer had its head stuck in a fence and was crying out in panic. The officer got some bolt cutters and was able to […]

As I’ve said, movies should be viewed in the theater as often as possible. It’s not just the big screen experience but also sharing the event with a group of people. Some movies are just more powerful on the big screen versus your TV. Some are OK to see on your TV because there’ nothing […]

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