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Over the years we have been given the grandeur of professional sports with baseball, basketball, hockey, and football listed as the big 4 in America with soccer also in the mix as the largest world wide sport. These are the sports that we are aware of from high school on up to college and beyond. […]

A win is a win, is a win, is a win. That’s all that matters in the end. Usually at the end of a Packers game if you leave any time on the clock Aaron Rodgers will drive down the field and win the game. It’s like death and taxes. Today the Vikings got an […]

People think that a “viral video” is something new. Really it isn’t. How they are distributed is. Back in the 1990s popular videos were most often viewed by watching America’s Funniest Home Videos on a weekend evening. As the show got more popular many people watched the reruns over and over or set their VCR […]

I saw something about this the other day and thought it was an interesting story. A person vandalizes a car that they think belongs to their (most likely) ex-lover in epic style. His name is spray painted on it is a few places and clearly states that the “artist” think that he is a cheater. […]

In case you missed it Hershey’s, who own Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups recently announced they were selling pie sized cups for Thanksgiving. That’s right, an entire Reese’s cup the size of the pie grandma is pulling out if the oven to serve on Turkey Day! Some would say that is the best thing they have […]

As a kid growing up in the 80’s there was a definitive shift in comedy that decade. You could have a comedy that wasn’t just all jokes, but you could also mix in action as well. To take it even further you can add in a little bit of scary moments and the mix of […]

Over the last few years the number of “famous” people on social media has bloomed at an almost unfathomable rate. Whether they are influencers talking about the latest fashion trend or they simply put up a video of the latest dance or online challenge they are there in most instances for entertainment. Some divers from […]

One of the best things about playing the LA Chargers is that it feels like a home game when the Vikings stroll into the stadium. You could see and hear the “Skol chant” being proudly screamed by the throng of California Purple fans in SoFi Stadium. The first half of the Vikings at LA Chargers […]

I’m the father of two kids and was present at both of their births that both came with varying degrees of stress and excitement. The best part is that they were both in a hospital and there were medical professionals present. I’ve heard stories of people not making it that far and having their child […]

Last night the starts of Country Music got together to celebrate and award the accomplishments of the last year. Even though we are still working our way through the pandemic things are feeling much more back to normal. It was great to see so many great performances and feel the energy of having a live […]

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