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In sports there is always the desire to “win now”. Every owner, team, coach, and player wants to win every game. With the current salaries in the NFL teams must plan for the future instead as they battle keeping their payroll below the salary cap. You will see some teams spend as much as they […]

The Odd Couple reference has been used in many moments of opposites getting together. Maybe they solved world peace, won an epic battle, or saved the day. Sometimes it’s just as simple as walking around town not bothering anyone. Tipton, Iowa had this the other day where a dog and a deer just seemed to […]

A stroke stole his voice. People on the internet have done something similar. While using AI to have some fun with vocal recordings is OK it can come off as hurtful if people are using it to further their career. So, Randy Travis who can no longer sing and his team decided to use AI […]

Drake Milligan’s journey into the heart of country music was like a tale spun from the very lyrics he sang. Born and raised in the small town of Arlington, Texas, Drake’s passion for music blossomed early, nurtured by the rich heritage of country sounds that echoed through the Lone Star State. His first song release […]

Job hunting is not fun. Ever. Sure, when you first get out of college with that degree in hand it feels exciting and kind of fun. Everything is new and the future is in your hand. However, it isn’t all that glamorous and what happens when you don’t get the job or don’t even hear […]

Over the last few years, the Internet and social media have become main sources of how people consume information. My guess that if a poll was taken that a large percentage of people get most of their information there. Whether they watch or read the news there that they can also watch on TV they […]

It’s a great weekend for getting a little dressed up and watching one of the biggest sporting events of the year. If you remember every old beer commercial jingle then Onalaska has an event that might tempt you. While the local firemen could use your help raising some money they also just want to meet […]

When Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live a few weekends ago it was lauded as one of the funniest episodes ever. Laughs were plentiful and the cast was struggling to stay in character. One of the most watched and talked about skits was a town hall meeting about AI. Gosling and cast member Mikey Day […]

We’ve seen countless movies depicting tornadoes and recently we were reminded of how real they are and that the damage they cause in Oklahoma and Nebraska last week. In the movies there is usually a tale of someone doing amazing things to save people that we sometimes question if that would happen in real life. […]

KQ98 along with Winnmed wanted a to find a way to honor our veterans. Freedom Honor Flight is a La Crosse-based organization that flies  Veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the memorials that stand in their honor. Trips includes several hours at the World War II Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Wall, Lincoln Memorial, the […]

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