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We have all been there staring at that one Christmas gift that we have at the top of our list as a kid. For me it was a yearly struggle to look through the toy catalogs and circle the gifts I wanted the most. I had many action figure based toys to choose from with […]

In the mid-west when things get cold there are 2 types of people: those that complain and those that put it to good use! We have so many activities we can do when the temperature makes your face hurt. From just going out sledding or skiing to snowmobiling and snowshoeing there is a lot of […]

Jolly Old St. Nicolas is always on the watch for late season list jumpers. Those are the ones that think they are in the clear and firmly planted on Santa’s Nice List and can’t be placed on the Naughty List because the lists are all finalized. However, those of us that really know how Santa […]

Coming into this game I was sitting on the fence on two points: would the Vikings win, and would I want them to win? The way the season has gone I fully expected another loss by my beloved Vikings. I saw another closely played game with the Vikings running the ball well and passes being […]

If you haven’t been watching Cobra Kai on Netflix over the last few years I question your life decisions. Mostly I do that if you grew up watching the original Karate Movies from the 80s starring Ralph Macchio. Even if you never saw them you have heard or used the quote “wax on, wax off” […]

In the Schultz household there have been a few years that we have had a gingerbread house grace our table. Usually the kids built one at school or Lisa got inspired to build one. It usually sits there until someone takes a bite on a dare or it unceremoniously gets tossed in the trash. We […]

Every once in awhile someone posts something so ridiculous to the internet it can’t help but get some attention. Usually people say a few mean things and it kind of disappears. In the case I’m about to present it has not calmed down at all it has, in fact …. caught fire into a hilarious […]

Well, it was bound to happen to somebody. It’s difficult to win the Super Bowl and it’s just as difficult to go winless in a season. It has happened to Detroit before and it looked like they might be on that path again in the first season of 17 games. You just don’t want it […]

We all know how awesome Dolly Parton is. She is a supremely talented singer and actress, a theme park owner, and a philanthropist that helps many charities. Some have said that there are charities she supports that most people don’t even know about. Whenever she pops up on a talk show she is always funny […]

I can’t honestly say that, but I’m going to guess they do their best to not make it smell that way. There are “pop up” bars and shops every year around this time of year. They usually grab on to a theme and use that to market the business in a unique way. In La […]

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