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The “big game” isn’t just known for what’s on the field. Many people tune in for the bevy of wonderful or comedic commercials that grace the TV. Some people watch just for that reason alone. Some years are great and some are not. This year was kind of just OK. Nothing Earth shattering and epic, […]

Even though the team lost in the playoffs to end a somewhat promising season Kirk Cousins had a great year on and off the field. Showing up shirtless in a video draped in chains from his teammates that went viral after a big win and leading the team to a record 8 come from behind […]

Politics is awful and not a lot of fun. We vote and hope for the best even if our candidate doesn’t win. The Minnesota Department or Transportation has a fun vote every year to name snowplows throughout the state. Most agree it’s some winter time fun that they can laugh about and not have much […]

When I saw the cast for “You People” on Netflix I thought it would be a laugh-a-minute movie. Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are usually good for comedy gold. The storyline is the tried-and-true story of opposing viewpoints put to the test as they become family. Basically, it’s an update of “Guess Who’s […]

Every year we’re warned to stay off the ice until it’s think enough to walk on. One of the things to look for is if the ice appears “black” or you can see through it that it probably isn’t safe to be on. There are rare cases when this isn’t the case and you get […]

We always hear the jokes about pregnant women and the strange food combinations or cravings that they have. Most of those have a bit of “old wives tale” to them. Then there are the strange combinations of food that are regional, but not crazy and we discover to be quite good. However, there are people […]

The Grammy’s, just like every awards show has a large number of categories for music because there are so many styles. Add that in with all technical awards and you could have a show that spends most of a day to get through. Even with a pared down list it is quite daunting to see […]

Bailey Zimmerman has done what has become the normal path to sudden success in the singing world. There are two that seem the most prevalent with the first being to get on a talent show of some sort. The other is his path which is to use the Internet and social media to his advantage. […]

I’m not sure what it is with basketball at the middle school level this week and crazy stories, but here comes another one. Apparently, some fans didn’t like some calls at a game in Vermont. Or they didn’t like the way a couple of fans were acting. Either way it broke out into a fight […]

Over the years we have heard stories of kids that played sports that weren’t actually kids. Their parents gave false birth information or a college athlete just started going to high school to keep playing the sport they love. In some instances we see a kid that seems to be overdeveloped for their age and […]

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