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Supply chain slow downs. Items not available. Candy Canes in short supply. Christmas 2021 is better than last year, but it still has a bit of a way to go. One guy that is NEVER late and not even delayed by major snowstorms is the man in red, Santa Claus! He’s getting ready to hit […]

Everyone knows I’m a diehard Vikings fan. On game day I’m wearing purple from head to toe sometimes. Special event on game day? Maybe have it a different day if you would like me in attendance. Do I hate the Packers? I hate the Packer more than Aaron Rodgers hates his own family. I’m not […]

Not all heroes wear capes. They don’t all have a career, or volunteer for an emergency services position like the fire department or ambulance. Some heroes wear the uniform of those that serve people every day at retail businesses. Sydney Raley is one of those heroes. Sydney works at a McDonald’s in Edina, Minnesota and […]

Whenever the Vikings and Bears play they are always tough meetings. At the beginning of the TV broadcast and a few times during the game they show old footage of the historic battles of the Purple People Eaters and the Monsters Of The Midway with cold breath and brutal hits and tackles. It looks like […]

Saturday night I was excited to stay up late to catch the episode of Saturday Night Live. Paul Rudd was hosting that evening and his charming sense of humor and comedic delivery is always on point. Added to that was that this was his 5th time hosting which meant that he gets inducted into the […]

This weekend there was a certain movie that may have shattered a number of box office records with it’s arachnid themed superhero. In my avoid-all-spoilers-on-social-media mode ( because I couldn’t go see it this weekend) I delved into a movie that I think would have done pretty well in theaters too had it been released […]

Memes have become a part of everyday life on social media. Before the internet had pictures of our favorite moments in TV and cinema to share and then use as responses to posts we just quoted them out loud. There was never a wrong place or time for a well placed Ron Burgandy “Anchorman” quote […]

We’ve all heard the tragic story from Oxford, Michigan on November 30th. A young man took a gun to school and four people lost their lives and seven others were injured . These stories are never easy to see or read, but when it involves kids with so much life to live it seems to […]

We all know Santa sees you whether you are sleeping or are awake, and that he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice and places you on the proper list. He’s pretty busy this time of year. He has to make sure that all the gifts are properly wrapped and ready for transport for his […]

I came from a family of teachers. My grandmother on my dad’s side was a teacher, mom was a teacher, and so are my sisters. My daughter is currently in school for teaching. It’s kind of in the blood. At family events we at times talk about the struggles of teachers from how they struggle […]

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