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It was suggested that I take a look at the newest reality based show on FOX called Farmer Wants A Wife hosted by Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland fame. Needless to say I balked at the idea. Why? I’m not big a reality based TV these days. Back when The Real World hit MTV in 1992 […]

Country duos are not new to the landscape. Neither are family member duos. The Bellamy Brothers, The Judds, and others dot the history of Country Music with varied success. Recently a new duo has emerged as possibly the next duo to get to the front of the genre. Tigirlily Gold is a sister duo from […]

There have been pairings of artists over the last few years that have inspired us and entertained us. In Hollywood we have always wished for team ups of superheroes in our favorite movies. Last night at the Grammy’s there was probably the biggest and most anticipated pairing of the last decade. Ever since Luke Combs […]

The weather is so nice this weekend you might as well get outside and enjoy it! You don’t have to stay outside however. If you do stay indoors maybe you should dress up a little. You can never go wrong wearing an all denim outfit when you go “oot”! Dress like them hosers up in […]

We know the Super Bowl is always the penultimate day for commercials and Groundhog Day is the biggest celebration of a marmot. One is a celebration of sport and the other is the celebration of a shorter or longer winter. Actor and entrepenuer Ryan Reynolds teamed up with Lay’s potato chips to make a commercial […]

We all have our dream of owning our own private island. Whether that’s in the Bahamas with a sprawling ocean view or in the Lake Of Woods with a cozy cabin doesn’t really matter. In reality, most of us can’t afford that but that shouldn’t stop us from dreaming. YouTube’s biggest star MrBeast visited a […]

Every year the Minnesota Department Of Transportation (MNDOT) has an annual Name That Snowplow contest. They ask for creative names for individual plows in their fleet and their region. For Southeast Minnesota the plow name is “You’re Killin’ Me Squalls” making reference to the movie The Sandlot and the famous line now part of pop […]

I interviewed Hurricanes Head Girls Basketball Coach Dale Moga and some of his players as they get set to play a game, but also help their community. With their Canes Care Cancer Awareness Fundraiser they will be auctioning off several items including a Caitlin Clark jersey. There will also be donation buckets and bake sale […]

Imagine how wild it would be if we abruptly decided to add new letters to the alphabet.  That isn’t happening but THIS is the next best thing: 118 new emojis have been revealed, which will be coming to your phones sometime this spring.  The additions include a phoenix . . . a lime and a […]

It’s official:  The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers are headed to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs beat the Baltimore Ravens 17 to 10 to become the AFC Champions.  Then in the NFC Championship, the 49ers came back in the second half after the Detroit Lions had a 17-point lead, and won 34 […]

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