Man’s Brand New Truck Hit By Lightning While Driving Caught On Dash Cam

Written by on August 13, 2021

The summer around the tri-states brings lots of weather stories. Whether we’re melting from the sweltering heat, in the middle of a drought, or filming sewers overflowing due to a deluge of rain there is always something to talk about. Now this year hasn’t been great for thunderstorms. I’m talking about the good ones that make you feel comfortable with their low rumble through the valleys or that put on an impressive yet safe light show. You ever drive down the road at night and a lightning flash is bright you swear the sun just came up? Then you hear the thunder rattle you car frame and then you say, “That was a good one”. Imagine if that flash of lightning actually hit your vehicle while driving and your dash cam caught it! A gentleman in Florida did just that. I’ll admit, I had to watch it a few times because there is no dramatic flash or exclamation of terror, but you do see a puff of smoke from his rear facing cam and a few pieces flying. Then the truck goes into full shut down mode. The “F” in F-150 may stand for fried ….. or another F word.

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