Written by on December 8, 2021

In the Schultz household there have been a few years that we have had a gingerbread house grace our table. Usually the kids built one at school or Lisa got inspired to build one. It usually sits there until someone takes a bite on a dare or it unceremoniously gets tossed in the trash. We had one last year that was pretty good that I made sure to pick as many of the fruit flavored candy Christmas lights and other ornaments off of as I walked by. Being stuck at home during the pandemic gave me ample opportunities to walk by. I know some families that build one every year and tell tales of how much fun they have. We have never had that much fun with our attempts, but we tried our best. There is no plan to build one this year as I feel we just don;t need the stress, but those plans might change with the announcement of a different kind of gingerbread structure. Miller High Life is supplying us with the opportunity to build a gingerbread dive bar. Yes, get that feeling of being at the local neighborhood bar – that Winona and La Crosse are full of that comes complete with gingerbread “barflies” and a sticky floor compliments or a maple syrup floor. The cookies are even baked with Miller High Life in them to really tie the set together with the ultimate in Christmas cheer. While I will mildly consider this kitschy Christmas confection I will hold out until Hamm’s comes up with one complete with a Hamm’s bear as a bartender.

Click the picture for more info on the gingerbread dive bar.

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