Written by on November 18, 2022

The perfect proposal: a man and a woman on the bow of a boat, bobbing in the ocean, a beautiful sunset, and the perfect way to propose just a second away. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? It looks that way too until near tragedy strikes. Just as the young man thinks she is unaware of his intentions and all the phones are taking video from different angles, and he starts to slip the ring box from his pocket…. HE DROPS IT! It bounces off him and right into ocean followed closely by him! Instead of getting down on one knee this soon to be groom got all wet rescuing the ring box and held it up in triumph. I’ve seen so many of these water destination proposals go wrong it seems almost like there’s a new one every month. It should be enough to stop people from ever doing, but they always think that it won’t happen to them. Luckily it was still in the box and which floats. I think the ring on its own would have been at the bottom pretty quickly. Congrats to the man and his diving skills and the couple’s soggy post engagement pictures.

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