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Global warming! Peace in the Middle East! Human rights! There always seems to be a reason someone does a stunt for a bit of attention. Some are good and some are bad. It seems almost odd that someone does something for no reason at all. Alex Tominsky from Philadelphia decided to eat 40 rotisserie chickens […]

Have you ever been “rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” and felt like the tree and it’s stand could be more useful? It’s like the tree can sit there getting a drink the whole time but YOU have to go back to the fridge to get another beer or mix a drink! You work harder than […]

Imagine getting lost. We don;t worry about it as much as we used to with GPS in our phones and cars, but it can still happen. A man was dropping off a friends and got lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Luckily for an Iowa family he did. Because being lost helped him find their home […]

Some good news that will lift your spirits even higher than they may have been for Halloween. Blake Mompher is 9 years old and he is in a wheelchair. He wanted the world to know about his love for McDonald’s french fries by dressing as them for Halloween. The entire costume fit over his wheelchair […]

Nate Smith is pretty new to the charts of Country Music but not new to singing. Growing up in California he caught “the bug” with inspiration from church and singing along with the congregations. He took his talents to Nashville by the age of 23 and was on the road to being more than just […]

I came across a list that is VITAL to parents looking to stick their hands in their kids candy bags after, or during trick-or-treating this evening. Now I have always had my favorite candy to choose from when the kids went out: Frootsie Rolls or the fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls as they are know to […]

There is always some mystery around voices we hear on a daily basis, but never see the person doing them. You probably remember a voice from a series of commercials or a cartoon and wonder what the real person looks like. Some people have made huge careers off only being heard on TV, radio, or […]

If you’re a parent there is no way you’re perfectly dressed or made up for every occasion or event in life. Whether you throw on a ball cap to cover up your bed head or you throw a breath mint in instead of brushing your teeth because you’re running late to get the kids to […]

Here’s a list of some of the haunted houses and a cool corn maze in the area! Looking for somewhere close or maybe a small road trip? You should be able to find them all right here! Hidden Trails Corn Maze One of Wisconsin’s oldest and largest corn mazes. 4 corn mazes, a pumpkin patch, […]

We have seen similar videos over the past few years: a person tries to get close to wildlife only to be attacked and having more than their pride hurt in the process. Thanks to the Internet we get to watch it over and over and break down how stupid they were. This video is a […]

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