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High gas prices and innovations in transportation cause new and inventive ways to get around. Electric engines are the next wave of powered transport and there has always been talk of hydrogen powered vehicles. We joke that some people run on beer. However, that statement has become more true for a Minnesota man. Ky Michaelson […]

Cole had a BIG announcement today!

If you were scrolling through Tinder, what’s something that would be an immediate deal-breaker for you?  Like, as soon as you saw it in their profile, you’d swipe left. In a new poll from, people were told to assume it was someone they found attractive enough to date.  So these are even deal-breakers for […]

This is one of those moments where someone was in the right place at the right time. In the video a woman is seen getting into her car. For whatever reason she loses track of the stroller that a baby is in and it starts to roll towards traffic. What happens next takes seconds, but […]

Wedding season is upon us! Things change as time passes. Traditions fluctuate as things become more modern or as faiths adjust to the times. When it comes to getting married there are a dozen plus things to consider beyond who should (or should not) sit next to each other. Slate has come up with a […]

There are two types of stories we read about in an emergency situation: heartbreaking tragedy or miraculous survival. Sometimes they just show up in the news and we are left with a certain number of questions until it is not news worthy anymore as the story has been told. When it comes to airplanes there […]

As we seem to finally be reaching the future we all dreamed of with self driving cars, video calls from anywhere, and artificial intelligence that can help with everyday tasks the human race shows their incapacity to handle such technology. It seems there is a daily misuse of the technology that has been developed and […]

County Veteran Service Officer Jane Brannon stopped in to talk about LaCrosse County Veteran services. She focused mainly on the education side and tells how veterans can get assistance from the county and through the GI Bills available federally and state wide.

How cool is this?! While performing at Stagecoach Jon Pardi got quite the surprise invitation to join The Grand Ole Opry. Guy Fieri is a good friend of his and came out on stage to talk to Jon and turn his attention to the video screen where Alan Jackson had a message for Jon.

Nature has it’s moments of pure joy and beauty. Times where we see it in action and realize that without its natural course that the world would be in a bad place. Nature can also be brutally frightening and catch us off guard. Yup, animals attack other animals and not every cuddly creature makes it. […]

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