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With over 200,000 followers on Tik Tok Eddie Swartzentruber from Harmony Minnesota grew up in the Amish community. He left his family and everything he knew to join the modern world. He now has traveled all over the world and uses Tik Tok videos to educate and entertain people about how it was to grown […]

Have you ever gotten something in the mail by mistake? We’ve all had someone else’s mail show up that has a similar name or their post office box is near ours and it gets put in our box by accident. Nowadays people receive packages that aren’t theirs by accident due to a number of issues. […]

This seems to be a debate in most homes: what temperature should the water be? Not just in the shower or sink, but them water heater running in your basement. My mother-in-law always had the water temperature somewhere near hot lava in the heater. You had to be careful turning on the spigot or you […]

What started as a dinner in a church basement has now flourished and grown into an event too big for any one church. The LaCrosse Community thanksgiving Dinner supplies meals to anyone that wants to not only get a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, but also be with people in their community. The dinner […]

I’m a bit of a lover of history. Old buildings fascinate me with the stories I feel like they could tell. Seeing old pictures, especially of local locales is cool because of how much change you can see at times. I have a few antiques in my home that have a small story to them, […]

This time of the year things can get hectic and just plain busy. Next weekend you’ll be stuffing your self with turkey and the ensuing leftovers. This weekend make sure you get out and have some fun before you have to think about the conversations you need to avoid around the dinner table of Thanksgiving. […]

When I was a kid there was a few things to look forward to during the holidays: holiday specials, lots of food and desserts, and no school. Network television didn’t offer a lot to watch during the unlike now when you can throw in a Blu Ray disc, find something on cable, or stream almost […]

Growing up you could always tell when the holidays were really ramping up when the holiday specials came on. In late October kids would get a special night of Halloween episodes of Looney Tunes, Garfield, and the Peanuts gang. You waited for it while getting excited for Halloween! After that night had passed you looked […]

This time of the year we all seem to feel full of joy, peace, and food. But not everyone can say that. Some struggle to have or feel any of those experiences and this is the time of year we should recognize that the most. Be grateful for what you have, but remember those that […]

It may seem strange to not have a THE traditional meal on “Turkey Day”. Not everyone has turkey at Thanksgiving and some feel they want a change when Christmas comes around. If you’re looking for some recipes or even a “meat swap” we have some help for you. Kaitlyn Riley-Kesler of the Wisconsin Beef Council […]

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