Written by on October 21, 2021

It’s a great time in the fall when tournament time comes around. For small towns a great tournament can really bring a town together rallying behind their favorite teams and athletes. Last year there was barely a season and there wasn’t any tournament games as most were canceled by Covid outbreaks in schools. This year that hasn’t been much of an issue as only a few times have teams had to reschedule their match ups. Now we get to the season of “win or go home” where it could be the last time some kids ever play on a field or court again. The games go away, but the memories last forever. So, get out and support those local kids as they try to get the ultimate prize: a State Championship! Whether you have a kid playing or not shouldn’t matter because these kids are playing for the one thing their friends and neighbors can give and that is pride. Click on the links for the MSHSL, find the section you’re team is in and see where and when the first volleyball and football games are at. Volleyball playoffs start the 25th and football starts the 26th.

Volleyball Section Tournament

Football Section Tournament

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