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Kirk Cousins, no matter what you think of him as a player is a very nice guy. He comes off with a wholesomeness not normally seen in pro-athletes in most sports. It’s one of the reasons it’s so hard to hate the guy regardless of his on-field performance. On Sunday he led the Vikings to another late game win over the hated Green Bay Packers. These games are always tight, but there was a little extra feeling of joy getting the win after Aaron Rodgers media tour. After the game Kirk and his wife were driving home on one of the major highways in the Twin Cities and they noticed a van/bus coated in purple and gold paint that was obviously full of happy Vikings fans. So, with his wife filming Kirk decided to pull up next to them, give a honk and a wave, and give those fans a bit of thrilling story to tell after they got home. You can tell by the video that they seem to be driving a Ford pickup truck.

While this was a pretty cool gesture by the QB and I’m sure those fans are still talking about the exchange there was another question that popped up in the minds of fans. Where was the Cousins’ conversion van? When Kirk came to Minnesota it was a bit of a fun human interest story of the quarterback’s 90s grey conversion van that he had named “The Grey Ghost”. For those that don’t remember these types of vans they were very push inside for long family trips and the back seat even folded down to a bed so you could make those long road trips across the country without the huge camper or sleeping in a tent. They have seen a slight resurgence lately due to their unique look and the fact that they are beefier than a mini-van with a soccer mom stigma. Kirk shared a video on Intagram to answer that question and it’s heartbreaking to see. They had it parked at a repair shop and…. well…. see for yourself.

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