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Every sport has an all-star game of some sort. Some are played with purpose and others are strictly as an exhibition. For instance, the MLB All-Star game is played to determine home field advantage in the playoffs while the NFL Pro-Bowl means absolutely nothing. The thing is that it used to. Sure you used to see offenses go up and down the field a bit because it was entertaining to a crowd in Hawaii that was just there to soak up the sun and have a little entertainment with no real stakes at hand. The Pro-Bowl has had its moments of fun and excitement. One year the late Sean Taylor came up and absolutely smacked the Bills punter who was running on a faked punt. Viewers were shocked yet impressed that the hit was made in a game of this type. It gave it some legitimacy.

Yesterday though was an absolute embarrassment to the game, the players, and the fans that paid actual money to go to the game held this year in Las Vegas. I don’t know how much it coast, but anything over $5 was highway robbery. I didn’t watch it from beginning to end, but what I did see was not good. The defenses didn’t do much, except for the Raiders Maxx Crosby who had somewhere around 10 sacks. There was no tackling, but mostly two hand touch and when a running back had the ball they barely made an effort to plow forward for a first down. It just looked lazy. I fully understand that with a game that means nothing that these players have their health and careers to think about. I don’t want to see Justin Jefferson carted off the field of a meaningless game and miss all of next season. However, the game has always held that stigmas, but the players never let you see it much as they played 3/4 speed at the very least. I didn’t even see Dalvin Cook get his touchdown late in the game because I was checking email in another room. I had even talked with my wife about going to Vegas and seeing the game. Glad we didn’t as I would have left wishing I had lost that money gambling instead. As our friend, Dave Carney on our sports station WKTY said, “They would be better off playing flag football! At least it would be fun to the see the player trying to grab the flags.” I agree wholeheartedly as do some NFL players past and present.

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